Friday, 20 June 2014

Husbands and wives

There's always funny jokes about men, women and mother-in-laws. (Why aren't there father-in-law jokes?)

It's easy to see the negative points of your spouse and be highly irritated. But how often do you think of his/her positive qualities?

Challenge: Write 5 positive things about your spouse (as a comment)

Positive qualities of my husband (not in any particular order or necessarily the most positive qualities, just some...)
1.  He can change nappies, feed baby/child, bath them, take them with to town (without me), etc.
     I.e. he is a participating father.
2.  He does all the grocery shopping on a Friday evening.
3.  He works really hard so that our family can afford the things we need and swipe a bank card when an emergency arises, without worrying that it will be declined.
4.  He can clean a house better than me or a maid.
5.  He picks up the dog poop and cuts the grass and trees.

(Married 12 years: two sons - 1 and 3 years; 2 Pomeranian dogs and illnesses later we are still going strong)

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