Tuesday, 2 February 2016

7 Month Challenge - Gain 3kg and health: WEEK 2 (part 1)

WEEK 2: 1 - 7 February 2016

The week started with....  F A T I G U E
I just have to push through it; eat; and exercise....


This week I want to take the meal plan more seriously. The plan adds up to 1 500 kcal per day. If I don't take in that amount of food it will be hard (impossible?) for me to pick up weight.

The meal plan also deals with stabilizing my blood sugar levels. [My blood sugar drops when I get angry, when it is hot, when I am tired, when it is 2 hours since I've had something to eat, ... Sometimes my blood sugar keeps on dropping for no apparent reason at all.]



The plan
2 Starch         = ½ cup ProNutro

1 Dairy           = 1 cup full cream milk
                        Or 175ml joghurt

1 Fruit            = handful of grapes
                        Or 4 large strawberries
                        Or 1 small banana
                        Or 1 peach
                        Or 125ml fruit juice
½ cup ProNutro

1 cup full cream milk

Few pieces of watermelon


Mid-morning snack

The plan
1 Starch         = 3 Provita
                        Or 2 Ryvita
                        Or 3 rice cakes
                        Or 2 cream crackers

1 Protein       = 30g cheese
                        Or 2 cheese wedges
                        Or 3 slices ham
                        Or ½ tin tuna

2 Fat               = 2tbs peanut butter
                        Or small handful nuts
                        Or 2t Canola margarine
                        Or 1tbs mayo

1 Fruit            = tennis ball sized low
                            GI fruit
                        Or GI Trufruco bar
                        Or 4 pieces dried fruit
                        Or 2tbs raisins
½ shake +  1 fruit
1 degestive cookie
2 cracker bread

None :(

2tbs peanut butter

1 glass 100% guava juice



The plan
1 Starch         = 3 Provita
                        Or 1 slice low GI bread
                        Or 2 baby potatoes
                        Or ½ cup pasta
                        Or small wrap

2 Protein       = 60g chicken
                        Or 1 tin tuna
                        Or 2 pilchards
                        Or 1 tin salmon
                        Or 3 slices ham
                        Or 2 eggs
                        Or 1 egg + 30g cheese

Vegetables    = free

1 Dairy           = ½ tub cottage cheese
                        Or 250ml milk
                        Or 175ml joghurt
                        Or ½ ring feta
                        Or 2 cheese wedges
                        Or 30g cheese

1 Fat               = ¼ avocado
                        Or 1tbs seeds
                        Or 1t margarine
                        Or 1tbs nuts
1 slice Sasko Low GI Bread (Black bag)

½ can tuna

Half tomato; 2 circles cucumber; green pepper and leek

4 small pieces Gouda cheese (30g)

2tbs mayo
Little bit of margarine
[This photo is actually REAL - this is what I eat every day for lunch.]

Mid-afternoon snack

The plan
½ shake +  1 fruit
½ shake


The plan
1 Starch         = 2 baby potatoes
                        Or ½ cup pasta
                        Or ½ cup mealies/peas
                        Or ½ cup sweet potato
                        Or ½ cup cooked rice
                        Or ½ cup legumes

2 Protein       = 60g chicken
                        Or 60g fish
                        Or 60g lean meat
[60g = 2 match boxes]

Vegetables    = free
Salad              = free

2 Fat               = ¼ avocado
                        Or 2tbs peanut butter
                        Or 1t margarine
                        Or 1tbs nuts
                        Or 2t olive/canola oil
                        Or 1tbs mayo

1 Dairy           = match box size feta
                        Or 250ml milk
                        Or 175ml joghurt
2 slices Sasko Low GI bread

60g cold barbequed chicken

1tbs mayo

125ml yoghurt

½ pear




4 blocks chocolate / 2 digestive biscuits with chocolate / 1 rusk


1,5 liters of water per day

When I read through everything is doesn't seem like that much. But my body is protesting against all this s t u f f...I know I shouldn't skip e.g. the protein but I struggle to eat so much. And it seems that time goes past so quickly and then it is the next meal / snack. My favourite is the half-a-shake and fruit in the afternoon - as the shake doesn't have the same solid feeling as lots of food (but it still has all the goodies in it).

So this week's focus was food. Each week I'm going to discuss something different about my "little project"

Song of the week: "Food, glorious food" from Oliver Twist




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