Thursday, 6 November 2014

Gratitude Day 6

Day 6: 10 things on your "bucket list" you have competed

This "bucket list" can be existent or non-existent, but we all know of BIG things that we have already done or want to do in our lives.

Today we are thankful for the ones we have done already.

Example of a Day 6 list:
  • Thank you for finding the right husband and getting married
  • Thank you for having 2 wonderful boys
  • Thank you that I was able to visit London and several towns / cities in Belgium + Madagascar
  • Thank you that I got my dream job at Rhenish Girls' High
  • Thank you that I own my own Math Lit shop
  • Thank you that I was able to write Math text books that got published by Oxford
  • Etc.

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