Friday, 3 October 2014


I recently had to take the old double sided tape off my car to put on new number plates. It was a tedious job that took me more than an hour. In the end I was so impressed and satisfied with a job well done.
Then I thought - I can relate this to other matters in my life. Sometimes two busy boys can get the better of you - not trying to, but just being naughty or difficult, to feed them, to bath them, brush teeth, make milk, keep them happy, do night duty,...
As a parent we have NO choice - we have to persevere and try to raise our kids as best we can. And to love them like only parents can love their children.
Sometimes I don't feel like working, but I persevere because I know the long term effect will be: getting paid; having satisfied learners / people / customers and feeling accomplished.
So - persevere!

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