Sunday, 21 February 2016

7 Month Challenge: Why amino acid test?

I said in the last post that I will tell you later why I did the amino acid test [very expensive].
Here is the info:

Amino Acid Profile Test 

The Amino Acids 20 Profile is a nutritional test, which can illuminate problems in amino acid status by determining essential amino acid imbalances. Through the Amino Acids 20 nutritional test, evaluation of essential amino acid derivatives identifies the status of essential, branched chain, and other non-essential amino acids. Also, several functional categories, such as neuroendocrine, vascular and detoxification, and functional vitamin and mineral deficiencies are reported.

Why is amino acid nutritional testing important?

Amino acids, known as the building blocks of proteins, are found in every tissue of the body. They play a major role in nearly every chemical process that affects both physical and mental function including the formation of ligaments, tendons, bones, and antibodies, as well as regulation of enzymes and blood transport proteins. Twenty different amino acids are used to synthesize proteins.
The human body can synthesize all of the amino acids necessary to build proteins except for ten called the essential amino acids. These ten essential amino acids must be included in the diet or supplemented to be in adequate supplies. Failure to obtain enough of even 1 of these 10 essential amino acids has serious health implications and can result in degradation of the body´s proteins. Muscle and other protein structures may be dismantled to obtain the one amino acid that is needed. Nutritional testing provides insights into areas of concern.

Plasma Amino Acids and Nutritional Testing

Functions of Amino Acids:
    Gastrointestinal function
    Cellular energy production
    Neurotransmitter metabolism
    Muscle breakdown
    Nutritional markers
    Vascular function

Conditions and symptoms associated with amino acid changes in plasma:
    Cardiovascular disease
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Multiple sclerosis
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Congestive heart failure
    Multiple chemical sensitivities
    Detoxification disorders
    Autism Spectrum Disorders

Customized Amino Acid Formula

A formula for a customized amino acid blend, based on a patient´s specific nutritional test results, is provided with every plasma amino acid test. These customized amino acid formulations provide appropriate amounts of essential and conditionally essential amino acids, delivered in a balanced ratio to offset the risk of imbalance sometimes seen with the use of single amino acid supplements. This blend can be made by many compounding pharmacies.

Benefits of amino acid testing

  • ·        Overall health: The benefits of amino acid tests are important for individuals desiring the evaluation of amino acid levels with regards to their overall health, as well as to determine potential deficiencies, or at least the increased need for certain vitamins and minerals.

  • ·        Immune Function: The benefits of amino acid tests with regards to the immune system is through understanding that the immune system is dependent on various amino acids as their foundation for proper immune chemical production and regulation. Deficiency amino acids can lead to poor immunity which compromises health in general.

  • ·        Brain Function: The benefits of amino acid tests with regards to the brain and nervous system is through understanding that certain amino acids and their corresponding proteins are important because it is the brain which coordinates nerve impulses involved in speech, cognitive abilities, and muscles throughout body. Without various amino acids the brain is not able to function normally.

  • ·        Detoxification: The benefit of amino acid tests with regards to detoxification is through understanding that certain amino acids are necessary for the process of detoxification. Detoxification is critical for survival as its main role is to rid the body of poisons. The main amino acids involved in supporting detoxification are methionine, cysteine, and taurine. Methionine is an amino acid that is at the center of a system called methylation which is vitally important for attention and focusing, and influences detoxification chemicals too.

  • ·        Other Benefits of Amino Acid Tests: Other benefits of amino acid tests is the overall assessment of essential amino acids, which are those that must be obtained from food, and and non-essential amino acids which are those that are generated from within the body. Many imbalances can be detected through amino acid testing, and by knowing which amino acids are normal, low, or high specific amino acid supplements can be taken with more accuracy. 

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