Monday, 2 June 2014

Is it really going to matter in 5 years' time?

I see myself as a "stressed person". I am anxious about stuff, I worry about stuff, I bite my nails, ...

Recently someone gave me this advice:
(1)  Is it something you have an influence on or can do something about?
(2)  Will this really matter in 5 years' time?

(1) Each person have a CIRCLE OF CONTROL - the things you have an influence on or can do something about (e.g. you can decide to work less, to eat healthier, etc.)

And then around that circle you have a CIRCLE OF NO CONTROL - things you DON'T have an influence on or can't do something about (e.g. your husband must decide for himself that he will look better after his health and remember to eat his sandwich at lunch time)

Draw the circles, take all your worries and put them in the correct circle. Put this on your fridge as a daily reminder of the things you don't need to worry about - because you can't do anything about it!

We can't control everything that happens to us, but we can control HOW we respond. Rather spend your energy on things you CAN control.

(2)  Let's say I have a doctor's appointment and I am sitting on the couch in the waiting room. The cleaner comes in and starts washing the floors, all around the couches, chairs and ottomans. She doesn't pick up the ottomans and missed several dirty spots on the floor.
Now I find this irritating and I have two choices. (a) I tell the secretary that the cleaner didn't clean properly (oh so meddlesome) OR (b) I ignore the dirty floor, see the doctor, pay my bill and go home without saying anything about the floor.
In this case option (b) will be correct - will it REALLY matter to ME in 5 years if this office doesn't have an efficient cleaner? NO.

Comment: please write a comment on which little things (that you have no control over) really GETS to you (so we all can smile about it...) and then write a solution.
 (E.g. paying the parking guard REALLY irritates me. Solution: I now keep R1 and R2 coins in my car so I can pay the parking guard and so do my duty to society.]

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