Monday, 14 July 2014

Energise yourself by saying "no"

Roger Hamilton of Wealth Dynamics says Rule number 1 is to STOP doing the things you don't like doing.

Here is an extract from rule 1:
" Imagine driving a car, with one foot on the accelerator, and one foot on the brake. That’s how most of us live our lives - but only worse. We don’t spend nearly enough time on the things we are great at, and we spend far too much time on the things we are not so good at. 

Why is this so important? You have a natural Wealth Dynamics Profile with your own winning formula and losing formula. Your winning formula energises you and gets you in your flow. Your losing formula exhausts you and puts you at your weakest. Oprah Winfrey is energised in front of people, but exhausted by spreadsheets. Warren Buffett is energised by numbers but exhausted by public speaking." 

This sounds great! However, as a wife and mother I have to tidy up, wash the dishes, do the washing, make the food, etc. These are not necessarily things I enjoy, but they need to be done in order for us to continue with our lives on a daily basis. So you can't really say "no" to EVERYTHING you don't like.

Last week I felt so down that I decided this week I'm going to DO something I like, something just for ME! So I went to PNA yesterday and bought fabric paint, modge podge, wooden letters, serviettes, stickers, paint brushes, etc. [Pic of supplies below.]

So today I decided to tidy up and do things that needs to be done and tomorrow I will have a "Karelien-day". I will paint giraffes to make a pillow for my "biebster" (my youngest son) and I'm going to modge podge serviettes onto the wooden letters and make "E M J E" and "J A C O". (I already painted a lion and made a pillow for Emje, my oldest son.)

I never knew I liked art so much. I only realised it after attending a few "creative arts" classes with a occupational therapist. [I will add some pictures below of what I did.]

To get back to the "saying no"-thing: Let our challenge today be to say "no" to things that in not really necessary (e.g. making food) and that will drain our energy.

Our school really knows how to do this. They know I suck at sports, so if I have to help out somewhere, they will rather give me something administrative like allocating classrooms or something on Excel or Word.

What am I going to say "no" to today??? Luckily I don't have to! I'm on holiday. The boys are at school and the daymother. So I can put my feet in front of the heater and relax! :) :) :) [A mother needs lots of relaxation time, especially if she has two boys under the age of 5.]




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