Saturday, 15 November 2014

Gratitude Day 16

Day 16: Great teachers in my life

Whether we loved or hated them - some teachers will always stay clearly in our minds. Give tahnks for the 10 best ones who made a change, doesn't matter how small, in your life.

Example of a Day 16 list:
  • Thank you for my favourite pre-school teacher, tannie Liesbet van Wyk
  • Thank you for my wonderful and friendly Sub A teacher, Joanie Burger
  • Thank you for Mrs Eva Brand (St. 1) who let us do maths on the carpet with painted beer caps.
  • Thank you for my friendly St. 3 teacher, Cathy Brown.
  • Thank you for my amazing math teachers in High School, Mrs Mariana Agenbag and Mrs Anina Gunter
  • Etc.

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