Saturday, 1 November 2014

Keeping My Toddler Busy (1)

When we go outside the baby crawls over the swimming pool net and makes all his clothes wet...once is okay...but he does it again and again. Our front yard doesn't have a fence and is right on the road. That made me look for "keeping toddlers busy" ideas. In the end I just did my own thing.

Keeping Toddlers Busy: Tip 1 - Textured Paint

Mix flour, water and a drop or two of food colouring. (quantities - who knows? until it looks right)
Let your toddler mix it if he / or she wants to and then do the last round to make sure everything is mixed up.

Now you have some choices:
(1) Add sand.
(2) Use whole wheat flour instead of white flour
(3) Add grass clippings

We went for option 2 and later on added option 3. It was great fun. The only funny thing was that it was supposed to be finger paint, but my son doesn't like getting his hands dirty, so we used paint brushes. It's best to paint on cardboard (instead of paper). I recycle cereal and other boxes for stuff like this.

Put the "pictures" in the sun. Some of the colour will disappear. However, it's lovely to touch the picture with your fingers.

The emphasis is on FUN, not how the pictures look. Here are some of our "art works":


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