Thursday, 15 January 2015

Slow Down to Speed Up

That is a possible title for the new book I'm writing.

I started writing a book - but there were so many ideas, it was just confusing! So I cut down to one core idea, which is ways to fix your life by being mindful. Yes, that includes using mind power - and something all ordinary people can do.

I'm looking for some real life stories to add an emotional element to each chapter. The stories doesn't have to be family orientated - but if it is - all the better.

I'm looking for stories (success stories) that can fit into one of the following topics:
* a burning DESIRE to succeed (and you did)
* Faith
* You really needed money and got it unexpectedly from an unexpected source
* building self-confidence
* leadership
* making decisions / choices
* building character
* imagination
* your support team (spouse, family, friends, ...) or support from unknown people
* improving or getting real about your marriage relationship
* FUNNY stories!!!!!

This book is going to be great and it can be even greater if you contribute your real life experience to it. The story doesn't have to be very long and you don't have to write it perfectly - I've got an editor :)

Thanks for anyone who considers helping me. You will be blessed!

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