Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cup of tea

Whenever you are stressed or something bad happened, people say, "Nothing that can't be solved with a cup of tea!"

I've heard someone once say that this is ridiculous. Obviously you can't solve a problem with a cup of tea. It is rather the "time-out effect" that helps you.

When you sit back and take at least 5 minutes to drink your cup of tea, it forces you to semi-relax, empty your brain and rest your body. This emotional break sometimes helps your brain to think of a new solution.

Okay, so sometimes it doesn't help you think of a solution. But to just sit and cry with a friend while you are drinking your tea, can also be helpful to release some of your emotional stress.

My Top 3 list of Happy Things:
* Being in my own room, in my own bed (that smells like me), looking at the beautiful view outside my window.
* Having a cup of Five Roses tea
* A glass of full cream milk

What are YOUR favourite things that make you feel better? Write them here below. :)

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