Friday, 25 April 2014

Form information overload to "selfish mother"

Every time I see this "Google+" sign - and of course had no clue what it meant. So I googled it - and it's ANOTHER social media site like facebook and twitter. (They say people were sceptic in the beginning but now millions of people use it.)

I mainly use facebook to show hundreds of photo's of my kids / family moments to friends and family.

Although I've had a Twitter account since 2010, I haven't actually used it! I know my colleagues are on Twitter every day, reading the latest news on their smart phones or tablets...(and I realise that it's a good idea to know what is going on).

I think of a tablet as something I have to take when I have a headache. And internet on my cell phone? Nope. Don't even have Whatsup - very frustrating for some of my friends.

My arguments is: I have internet at work, I have wireless internet at home, so why must I pay for more internet on my cell phone? The only time when I will need it, is when I am driving or when we are on holiday.

Well, it's illegal to use your cell phone while you are driving (mine is mostly in my handbag in the boot) and who wants to be disturbed when you are on holiday?

So, I realise that one of these days I will have to wake up an do all these new things...(okay, they're old, but I think it's new.). I just fondly think back to the days when cell phones didn't exist and I think - life was so much simpler then!

Today it feels like people are stressed ALL the time, you're always doing something or on your way somewhere. It's a sin to sit still and to make time for yourself.

And that is why I MAKE time for myself, I leave my cell phone on silent, etc.

A psychologist told me "A stressed mother has stressed children. A happy mother has happy children."

So be SELFISH. Take time to sort YOU out. Mommy, YOU are the glue that holds the family together. So rest, have a massage, put your feet up and have a cup of tea.

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