Monday, 14 April 2014

When baby starts to crawl

When a baby starts to crawl it feels like you are forever running after him, trying to protect him. You leave him in the lounge, just to find a few seconds later that he is tugging on the electric cord of the fan and trying to stand up against the fan and put his fingers in it - on the other side of the room!

How joyful and blessed am I that I have a baby that CAN crawl.

When I think of so many people that have disabled or sick children I gladly run after my son, am SO proud to see how quick he is and take hundreds of photos.

Thank goodness we live in the digital era where I can just happily snap away and later delete all the blurred photos and share the beautiful ones with friends and family on Facebook.

Positive thought for the day: When baby crawls he is working on his eye-hand-foot coordination  which will enhance his future Mathematical skills :)

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