Monday, 30 June 2014

Get off your butt and just do it!

I've talked about finishing tasks before and how relieved you feel afterwards...but now it feels like a whole mountain on top of me again.

It's holiday but I KNOW that if I don't do all my planning and Powerpoint memos NOW, I will have a terrible third term (feeling hopeless and not coping)

So for me it is to find the balance between working, knitting and resting while the boys are at school and daycare.

Challenge this (and the next) week: finish work as quickly as possible and then rest, read and knit!

What is your challenge this week that you must finish?


  1. Challenge for the week : I had to clean the house and I did. I decided that I will not take one step into the kitchen unless it is to give it a good clean!

  2. Ek doen gewoonlik goed in stappe, bv. na elke blok wat ek gebrei het moet ek iets doen (skottelgoed was, wasgoed wegpak, opruim, beddens opmaak, ens.) Dan meng en ontspanning en werk! :)