Monday, 11 August 2014

Learning old dogs new tricks

Okay, I don't know much about dogs. My own dogs are a bit anti-social, barks a lot and when they are jealous of the baby they pee on one spot in the house... :(

I think humans are different - these days, the older you get, the more you HAVE to learn to keep up in today's life.

Who would of thought that I could write a text book? Yet I did.
Who thought I could be Chief Marker? Yet I was
Who thought I could survive childbirth? Yet I did
Did I think I could survive many obstacles and problems that was thrown my way? No! Yet I did.

Last year I started using PowerPoint and I started a blog.
This year I start painting and doing art.

Only now that I am almost 34 do I understand what my taste is - in the stuff I want to be in my house. Just too bad we already have lots of stuff and I don't have money for an interior decorator. :) [I can dream though, right?]

As you know I've also started writing a crime novel. My inspiration, first of all, was Wendy Day, who started writing her own novel. And secondly, Roahl Dahl. He flunked English in school, yet he became one of the most famous writers - I love his books as a kid. Then, thirdly, there is my good old favourite crime writer, Jeffery Deaver. What I like about him is that he writes great books, but it's never too gruesome (unlike some James Patterson books). So I didn't get an A in matric for English. I'm not going to let that stop me from trying.

This old dog is ready to learn some more new tricks. :)

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