Thursday, 7 August 2014

To help or not to help

Sometimes we help people / our children by saying "no". If we do everything for them, they will never learn the skills to do it themselves, they won't survive in society, ... They have to learn to do things for themselves.

As a teacher and mother it is difficult to find the balance between saying no and spoon feeding - we want to help them when they suffer.

However, our help isn't always good. I once heard a story about a man who heard ostriches pecking from inside the egg. He felt sorry for them and cracked the egg so they can get out easier. The next day all the ostrich babies we lying there - they were too weak and their necks were too weak to be picked up. They needed to find their own way out of the egg to become strong and survive.

So say "no" at the right time and say "yes" at the right time. Give lots of love and hugs and really listen to your children / learners when they are telling you something.

[The picture below is the flower of a "geneesbossie".]

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