Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Gratitdue Day 4

Day 4: Be grateful for the 10 most influential people in your life

(This may not include teachers as we are doing that on another day)

Example of a Day 4 list:
  • Thank you to my best friend, Meryl, whom I grew up with and who has been there for me through thick and thin :)
  • Thank you for my friend, Romien, who showed me how to type Maths things and how to do things. It really helped me a lot.
  • Thank you for Jack Canfield. Your book was amazing and helped me a lot in a time of my life when I needed it.
  • Thank you for my friend, Sanet, who helps out so much with my kids and whom I have lovey tea-and-chat sessions with :)
  • etc..
I know 10 is hard...but try your utmost best!

Kies mense wat al spore in jou lewe geloop het...

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