Friday, 12 December 2014

Flirt with your husband!

It seems like so long ago that we were flirting and making out at any possible moment. I recently saw some of the following flirting-with-your-husband tips on a website:

1. Leave a love note for your husband on the bathroom mirror. Use a dry erase marker.

2. Kiss in the car at red robots.

3. Have a secret code phrase or a secret sign.

4. Grab some flesh or smack his butt when he walks by.

5. Set up a cozy love nest for watching movies. Share pillows and a blanket.

6. Ask your husband to choose your panties for the day. If he chooses them, he’ll be picturing you in nothing but them–all day.

7. Leave sticky notes in unexpected places. Try to always use the same color so he knows they’re from you! You can even leave notes in his lunch box.

8. Text, text, text your husband Text him about anything–song lyrics, memories of fun times you’ve had, what you’re wearing, what you’re thinking about.

9. Flirt in a crowd. Catch your husband’s eye in a crowded room and wink at him. Pass him a note that says you’re available and you think he’s cute.

10. Flash him–but not in public! Or do chores vigorously–and bralessly–so he can appreciate the bounce! When you mop the floor, wear a skirt but go commando and get down on all fours to see if he notices.

11. Play Footsie. When you’re at a restaurant with tablecloths, slip your shoe off and let your toes explore his legs. Get him all worked up while you carry on a normal conversation!


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