Tuesday, 2 February 2016

EXERCISE!!! 7 Month Challenge - Gain 3kg and health: WEEK 2 (part 2)

The less energy I have the less I want to exercise.
But if I don't exercise I won't have energy.

Challenging myself to exercise:
The one day I do the arm and leg exercises (at two different times of the day - these are really killer exercises)
The other day I do beginner Pilates

To exercise the arms....

Anna Renderer: Sculpt and Strengthen Your Arms 


To exercise the legs....

Anna Renderer: 5-min Upper Thigh Work-out


Move 1: gate Swing Cross-over


Move 2: Single-legged Turnover


Move 3: Foot fire


Move 4: Wide-knee Mountain Climber

Move 5: foot fire

Move 6: Mountain climber

Move 7: Squat jump

To exercise the core muscles....

Kristin McGee: 10-minute Beginner's Pilates Workout Video







OR... Beginners pilates with Amanda

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