Thursday, 11 February 2016

7 Month Challenge - Gain 3kg and health: WEEK 3

WEEK 3: 8 - 14 February 2016

[Our art at end of blog post....]

Week 2 ended with heavy PMS that spiked my anxiety (read the GAD blog post) and put me on a total wacked-out roller coaster ride...

Because of my anxiety I struggled to eat. I've been doing so well - getting better at keeping to my meal plan. Now it is back to square one again: struggling to eat, even struggling to get a shake in.


On Tuesday I fetched my bike form Dirtopia. It was in for a service. I live at the bottom of a very steep hill. And I'm proud to say that I the brisk walk from my house to the shop took only 10 minutes. Cycling back was a bit of a scare - my bike went super fast. So next time I will look for another way to get home.

I had good intentions to cycle every morning but on Wednesday I realised cleaning the house is a priority. I was very proud of myself for cleaning the whole house, doing all the washing, doing all the ironing, making food, doing dishes and taking time to colour in and take a nap.


On Thursday I went to The Women's Clinic in Somerset-West for a full medical check-up.

Weight: 48,2kg [Yeah!!!]

Heart, blood pressure, urine test, skin check, bla, bla, bla: all good

Plan for treating PMS (screaming, irritation):

Cipralex for 7 days - just before and during menstruation - to boost the Serotonin.
And some Evening Primrose Oil...


Gynaecologist check-up:

Breast check: all well


 Pap smear; oooouuuuch!

The equipment
But it has to be done!

It was so sore because...and we do not have to be ashamed to say it (as they say in die Caneston advert)...
So some meds to resolve that little problem.



Yes, the new craze is truly amazing. It is really relaxing to colour in. I've tried kokis, fine liners and pencils. Some pictures came out nice, some not so nice - but who cares - as long as you enjoyed it.
An if you go over the lines - just create your own thing to hide it. No-one will notice.

Here are some of my pics:

Emje's art (almost 5 years old)

Jaco's art (2,5 years old)

Song for the week: "Your Vitamin ABC's"

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