Thursday, 18 February 2016

7 Month Challenge: Week 4 - more...

Week 4: 15 - 21 Feb

The only thing that helps my anxiety is MATHS! Forgot how much I love to write Math resources. I'm starting to develop resources for Grade R and Grade 1 and I'm having lots of fun. :)


Bad, but not to bad news: 

  • Although I'm 1kg up from my last session with Liezl, I'm 1kg down from when I saw Dr Kate last week.

Good news: 

  • Body fat up with 1%. 
  • Muscle mass up with 1kg. [She thought that was impressive for the small amount of exercise I've been doing.] 
  • Measurement around my middle increased by 1cm.


  • Try to get back to eating. 
  • Try to add proteins to meals. 
  • Try to do a little exercise in the morning and a little in the afternoon.

Waiting for:

  • Results from my amino-acid profile test [I'll explain later why I needed to do this. Basically I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired so I'm taking out the big guns]


  • MORNING: Multivit with Iron and Vitamin D3(5000)
  • AFTERNOON: Evening Primrose Oil and 2 x The Real Thing Omega
  • EVENING: Supercal (Calcium) and probiotic
  • Plus 3 other meds in morning (chronic med, allergy pill, contraceptive) and 1 med in the evening (chronic med)
  • Equals a total of ....11 pills / capsules to take per day

Song of the week: 

Remember this song? Freestyler
[This song is relevant to this week's post because dancing is also exercise.]

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